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Host Employers Applying for Funding

Please email to inform us who your chosen candidate is, the position they have been hired for, and their start date. Your regional coordinator will then send you the relevant documents to complete.

You can access your online reports by logging in to your ECO Canada account. Reports are located under the “Employer Services” tab.

Send all documents and paystubs to For contract documents, you and your candidate have 10 days to complete the forms and return them.

The dates to return the paystubs are stated on your Host Agreement in Section 9 and online in your ECO Canada account.

You will need to send paystubs which show the cumulative gross salary and Employment Insurance, and CPP deductions for the dates requested in Section 9 of your Host Agreement.

Please send the most recent paystubs for each due date.

Yes! As an approved host, you can purchase a posting on our job board. Each job posting can be tagged as “Internship” or “Co-op” depending on which program you’re participating within. You also have access to the resume database with an AI matching feature to make it easier to find the right candidate for position.

We also offer recruiting services, email for more information.

Documents can be signed by the candidate’s supervisor, manager, or an HR representative from your organization.

If you need more than 30 days to hire a candidate, please let your regional coordinator know a week before your 30-day deadline.

Unfortunately, our current programs are only for Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and residents with refugee status.

The limit for the number of positions you can hire for depends on which program you are applying for and when you are hiring. Please get in touch with your regional coordinator to learn more about your eligibility limits.  

You must submit one application per opening, even if they are for the exact same position.

This depends on the type of program you are applying for and what other funding you have received. Please reach out to your regional coordinator, at, for more information.

For co-op placements, you will be reimbursed twice.

For full-time wage funding programs, the frequency of reimbursement depends on the duration of the placement. For twelve-month placements, you will be reimbursed four times.

Report pages time out after 20 minutes. Please ensure you are completing the report within this time frame or save your answers along the way. If you exceed the 20-minute time limit, your answers will be lost.

We will review how much funding we have remaining once all placements have been made and then determine how best to allocate any additional funding. These decisions are based on eligibility criteria and need.

Additional funding is typically added onto your final payment.

Candidates must log into their ECO Canada account and complete the reports available under the “my jobs” tab.

Please cross out, correct, and initial any changes in your contract.

If there are any issues with the changes made, your regional coordinator will contact you.

We can issue a cheque for the funding reimbursement. However, due to internal processes we can only issue one cheque which will be done at the end of the placement.

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Full-time Wage Funding Candidates​

Candidates must be 30 years old or younger at the beginning of their placement. This restriction is not flexible.

Candidates must be graduated from their post-secondary program to qualify.

Ensure the organization has completed their host application. Once they are pre-approved, they must email to confirm your name, position title and start date.

From there we will match you to the organization in our system and send you the required documents to complete.

If you were pre-approved and did not find a host, you may still be eligible. Sign into your account and check that your application is up to date. If it is, and you have not turned 31, you’re still eligible.

If any information has changed, please email with the changes. We will make the edits on your behalf and review your eligibility.

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CO-OP Student Candidates​

Yes, you are eligible. You don’t have to be enrolled in an official co-op program to be eligible for funding.

Candidates must not have graduated before the placement start date.

There are no age restrictions for this program.

No, students on a study permit are not eligible for our wage funding programs. You must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or hold refugee status.

Look on our job board for postings with the co-op tag.

You should also get in touch with the co-op coordinator at your post-secondary institution to as they will have more details on which employers are currently hiring.

Once you log in to your ECO Canada account, your reports will be under the “my jobs” tab.

Your employer will email paystubs to

If you have previously participated in one of our wage funding programs you will need to use a different email address to submit a new application.

Can’t find the right answer to your question? Contact ECO Employment Programs for help.

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